You Are Worthy

Have you ever stopped to really evaluate your own self worth? And I do not mean at surface level. I mean really dug deep into your soul to see if you wake up every morning with an overwhelming feeling of worthiness?

I was recently challenged to do this. Now I was fortunate enough to have someone really pry at me to see if I 100% FELT in total alignment with what I was saying. You can do the same with a friend, spouse, teammate or co-worker. I think you will be shocked at the amount we continue to sell ourselves short daily.

Many times it stems as far back to those first 6 years of your life when you have no conscious mind and everything you see or hear from parents, friends, coaches or teachers gets dropped immediately into your sub-conscious mind. Have to ever stopped to think about where most of your beliefs came from?

What is your belief about money, health, success, peace, abundance, joy, energy or excitement?

If I was a betting man, I would bet that nearly in all of these areas you are selling yourself short! You might think you have to “grind” to make lots of money. Or maybe that success and abundance is reserved for the wealthy. You might have heard that your health and sickness is determined completely by genetics.

Every one of these are LIMITING BELIEFS! You can have as much of ALL these areas as you want.

Now I will be the first to confess that I have not always thought this way. I had to learn how worthy I am, and to be 100% transparent I had to learn these in multiple areas of my life both personally and professionally.

In business, was I charging what I know my TRUE value is? Personally, was I operating with MASSIVE amounts of energy? Did I have the body I desired? Could there be more joy in life that I was missing out on because I did not think I deserved to be happy and joyful?

I had to dive back decades to understand why I felt this way. When you can start to answer some of these questions it will give you no choice but to smile and start to understand and believe how powerful you are!

This power gives you the ability to tell people “No” in business because you refuse to undervalue yourself. As my mentor says when you undervalue yourself to those you have a feeling of resentment towards them! This is so true!

This power gives you the ability to wear the clothes, choose your friends, choose your career and create YOUR life without the feeling of fear.

Fear of being judged

Fear of being accepted.

Fear of letting your parents down.

Fear of not being loved.

How worthy are you feeling right now at the current moment?

If you’re in business could you double your prices and be ok with it?

If you’re a young adult do you believe with absolute certainty that you are allowed to choose your life or must you do what others see in you?

Really think about it! You are probably very similar to me in that you have made massive investments in your life and business. Why should you feel bad for charging a premium price? Why should you feel bad if someone says they can not afford your product or service to tell them NO.

Why should you live out your parents, teachers or coaches dreams? Why do you choose the degree people around you (parents included) tell you, you should graduate with? Why do you choose a certain job, because “it pays the bills?”

If ANY of these questions apply to you, then I am telling you, you are devaluing yourself. You are giving into your limiting beliefs and creating an emotional addiction to unworthiness!

We are living in the most powerful time in human history! There is more evidence and stories available of people doing the super natural every day. And the best part of all this is these are “common” people creating these experiences. You don’t need some special device, any special technology or millions of dollars.

You need that feeling of worthiness! Self-worth that allows you to walk taller, speak with confidence and the decision you will accept nothing less.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is the most exciting time of my life! Why?

Because I am living in the unknown with chill bumps up and down my body and a feeling of oneness with the Universe!