Why I Started Competing In Triathlons In My 30’s

Most people as they get older fitness and taking care of their bodies becomes less of a priority or gets less attention than it needs.  This is evident when the Department of Health and Human Services reports that less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of activity each day. But fitness, weight training or any type of movement does so much more for us than just increase our wellness. It’s those effects that have propelled me the most in my business, relationships and life. The most impactful characteristic gained from starting to compete in triathlons is Discipline and Self-Control!

Self-control is crucial for the successful pursuit of long-term goals, and as one of my mentors is always preaching “How you do anything is how you do everything”. What this means is that how we train our bodies and minds can directly affect the quality and success of our careers and relationships.

As human beings we are constantly striving for more. We want to feel progress. What happens with so many people is they confuse progress with movement. We have all been there. We have worked 8-12 hours a day running around doing meaningless tasks and at the end of the day feel little to zero sense of fulfillment. Why? Because you did not move the needle forward with productivity. This is a huge reason why highly successful individuals continue to stay successful because they become addicted to that fulfillment. The question is how did they get there?

While we would like to believe these individuals were just born with this natural ability to have this type of discipline. This is a learned behavior and can start very early in your childhood. This type of discipline is the understanding of delayed gratification. They are willing to put off short term gain for a greater gain in the long run.

While I believe that I was taught and established a certain level of discipline growing up wrestling since I was 6 years old through diet and weight cutting. I also believe that as I enter my thirties I can geometrically increase the quality of my life by putting myself in uncomfortable situations on purpose. This is the primary driver why I have recently signed up for my second triathlon.

Since first starting Warehouse Performance Institute I have enjoyed (for the most part) weight training, but I have an obsession with high performance. I know that to grow more I have to knock down very specific barriers in my life to progress forward. I have to raise the standards of my own life. So in comes the triathlon.   

I have never been a runner. Ask my teammates at West Virginia they can confirm as I was constantly battling just to make my times! I have never owned a road bike, and was only on the swim team as a young kid. Even while on the swim team I once had a coach tell my mom “Mrs. Romano, your son is a great kid. Can not swim worth a damn, but a nice kid”.

With that being said I knew it was going to be a challenge. There were so many excuses to talk myself out of competing, but instead I found solutions. I found a lake to train my swimming, I found the state park to bike and run. I had to change my diet and commit to training 6 days of the week. Training sessions were longer, but I knew the success I craved.

I never want to stop growing. I have an addiction, and this has spilled over into all areas of my life. I have built a certain level of discipline that never allows me to settle. I have built a level of confidence that has pushed me to take risks that most would call dumb. And still I am not done.

I have a purpose and passion that is much greater than myself and that requires me to hold myself to the highest standard possible, so I will continue to put myself in situations that are uncomfortable. On the other side is growth, and when you grow you can give more.

We all have the imposter syndrome in certain areas of our lives. We begin to question if we belong in certain jobs, or assigned to certain project or asked to speak to a group but that is no coincidence. You have grown to that level and everyone sees that in you, begin to believe in yourself first.

When you see this type of self-worth and value you will begin to wonder if I am this powerful or impactful how far can I push the needle forward. The opportunities, the impact and your inspiration is endless. What areas can you put yourself in that make you uncomfortable, and then DO IT! Do it and crush down barriers and build that confidence within yourself! Do it so you never have any regrets and wonder the level of impact you could of had on the world.