Extreme Ownership Team Training

ctp-6Is your team or organization looking to take your current culture of excellence to the next level? We currently work with a host of teams including JamJev Gymnastics, Hoover Competitive Basketball Club, Hoover Men’s and Women’s Basketball as well as several others. We not only coach them on strength and conditioning and speed/agility but teach them about leadership and accountability to create a lasting culture. We work with youth teams up through the high school level.

First, we sit down with every team and evaluate where they currently are and what it would take to make them the best team in the city, state, or country. We want them to take ownership of their team. Is it speed, strength, work ethic or confidence that is holding them back right now? They must first acknowledge mistakes and admit shortcomings, take ownership of them, and create a plan to win. They must become problem solvers and not finger pointers. True leaders work to figure out and fix the situation instead of figuring out who to blame. Teams will stop looking out the window to point fingers, but rather look in the mirror and try pointing a finger. That defines true leadership.
Our main points of emphasis for Team Training include:

  • Create a culture of excellence
  • Leadership
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Speed and agility