Private Sessions

ctp-9Our private sessions are for those individuals who are seeking very specific and personal outcomes. Our staff will sit down and develop a very personalized program tailored specifically for the individual. Those goals might include someone looking to lose or gain weight. You might be looking to get stronger and increase speed. You might just be looking for a new belief system and increased confidence, but whatever your goals are we have an expert staff to give you a step up on your competition.

The best way to describe this program can be summed up in two words: Discipline and Accountability. This program will challenge the individual in both areas. They will learn that discipline starts every when your first alarm goes off in the morning. Do they hit the ground running or hit the snooze button two or three times? Discipline starts the night before, do you have tomorrow or the next week already planned. The best time to start the day is when you have it planned. This program holds them accountable as to why they are not getting up a little earlier or doing the small things that separate them from the competition. What are the small disciplines they are working on an everyday basis that adds value to their lives? It begs the question, if you aren’t starting on your team or have not received the scholarship you desire, why are you still doing what everyone else is doing? You must do what others are not doing to get what others don’t have.
Our focal points in Private Championship Training include:

  • Ultimate accountability
  • Personalized programs
  • Basic fundamentals to elite techniques
  • Instill belief and confidence