Total Athlete Training

ctp-10Our Total Athlete training program is one that coaches the “whole” athlete for maximum performance. This program is the next level up from our Stay Strong program. Throughout this program there is even more emphasis on growing the athlete’s lifestyle habits and work ethic.

Athletes will be coached using our own developed elite strength and conditioning formula while developing a championship mindset. If there is one thing we can increase in every athlete here it is their confidence. We instill in everyone a self-belief that they can accomplish anything with the right amount of self-discipline and work ethic whether it is becoming an Olympic gymnast to becoming a starter for their high school team.

We teach everyone that they must develop the necessary willpower to accomplish their dreams. We believe that willpower is a learnable skill just like the strengthening of your muscles. That once you do the small disciplines in your life they will spill over into every area of your life. Being disciplined in the classroom will translate to the weight room or playing field and vice versa. As Dr. Heatherton says in his article “Cognitive Neuroscience of Self-Regulation Failure,”

“That’s why signing kids up for piano lessons or sports is so important. It has nothing to do with creating a good musician or a five-year-old soccer star. When you learn to force yourself practice for an hour or run fifteen laps, you start building self-regulatory strength. A five-year-old who can follow the ball for ten minutes becomes a sixth grader who can start his homework on time.”

We work to develop a strong physical and mental stamina. So many athletes get caught up in the physical portion of lifting weights and running sprints and while those things are important and must be a part of your routine, we challenge our athletes to work hard on themselves; on their own personal development. Are they watching film? Are they doing things on their own away from practice? Have they picked and studied role models? Just like if you don’t use your body it will deteriorate and the same goes for you mind.
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