Sports Performance

ctp-4At The Warehouse Performance Institute we train as much from the mental aspects as we do from the physical training. We use sports training as a platform to help everyone build a brighter future on the field as well as off. Success in sports takes hard work but can bring a great payout.
Over the years we have developed a 20-point WPI athlete evaluation and assessment program. This program not only tests the individuals physical abilities, but even more important their mental attitude and innate desire to excel. We also have our “WPI Roadmap to Success,” in which we lay out the best possible route for the athlete to maximize their chance for success.
If you are looking for an athletic fitness partner to help your child improve their athletic abilities, life skills, and increase their chance of competing for an athletic scholarship and overall success then we want to partner with you to help your child accomplish their goals and succeed in life.
Becoming a part of our WPI family and joining our sports performance training program lead by Coach Mike McCoy is an investment in both your athletic future as well as your own personal development as a person. Sports have been proven to improve self-confidence, goal-setting, and leadership in young people. Sports training can also help cancel negative behaviors. Several areas that sports are able to boost a child’s performance include:

  • Physical health benefits
  • Learn discipline and dedication
  • Improved social interactions
  • Improved mental health

Are you ready to set yourself up for a better future not only in sports but in success beyond?