Stay Strong Fitness Class

Are you looking for a fitness class that will provide you real results?

With that in mind the Stay Strong Fitness Class is a program tailored for individuals looking for increasing overall fitness and energy.

Most importantly there are 3 components to reaching any of your fitness goals…

Specifically they include Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability!

In other words if you have not reached your personal fitness goals in the past, it’s not your fault.

Most other gyms and programs are lacking all 3 components within their program…

Yet, here at the Warehouse we incorporate all 3 (Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability) to make sure you reach your goals!

This group provides an energized setting to mix-it-up, become extremely motivated as well as hold you accountable. Stay Strong Fitness Class

Once you come in for an assessment to discuss your personal goals. Then we can sit down to determine to best road map for your success.

Similarly class includes a fusion of strength training, cardio, core, sports drills, speed/agility, and exercises to keep you motivated and challenged. Some benefits of the class include:

  • Increased strength
  • Boosting aerobic capacity
  • Burning fat
  • Improve vitality
  • Body awareness

At the same time this class is our intro level class that introduces our philosophy of creating success within your own life.

We have a very personal approach in helping everyone achieve their personal goals.

In addition it includes personal development of a young athletes, adults as well as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to live with less stress and more energy every day.

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