Combine Training/Draft Prep

Every college player has the dream of taking the next step into the NFL, but are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices during your combine training to earn that right as an NFL player. Combine Training

You will be preparing for the biggest job interview of your life.  You have a chance to change your entire family tree financially.  An opportunity to take care of your family, but you must be ready to prepare both mentally and physically.

First, we will do an initial sit down to discuss where you are and where you need to be.  To receive maximum results you will get a personal approach from the staff.

WPI’s expert staff will immediately start putting together the combine training program for each individual.

We continue to teach the players how to add value to yourself as a player.  What can you do to set yourself a part from every other player at your position?  We will attack those imbalances and grow your strengths while increasing strength, speed, power, and change of direction.

WPI has a staff that has actually been through the process.  The training is not just based on theory but actual experience.

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