Services and Programs

Determining which service and program for you is the most important first step!

There are a variety of different Services and Programs that WPI offers based on your individual goals.Inky Johnson during WPI program and service event

With that said, the next step in our process is having you and your child or team through our 20-Point Student Athlete Assessment.

Most important is for one of our expert coaches to sit down with you to see where you currently are. Afterward after seeing where you are physically and going through the mental assessment (Confidence, Self-esteem, academics)…

At this point our staff can suggest which service or program is the best fit for you to accomplish your goals the fastest.

At The Warehouse Performance Institute we have the right training program for you whatever your goals are.  We want to partner with you and your child to set them up for not only a great athletic career but success in life beyond!

Here are some of the services and programs offered at WPI:

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