Self-Identity Crisis

It’s frightening how many people on Earth have no idea who they truly are. To be honest most people only know themselves at surface level. Very few people, some researchers term them the 1% and others 5% but either way a small percentage take the time to go within themselves and find their identity.

The sad truth is we have our parents, teachers and environment to blame for this initial confusion. We grow up labeled smart/dumb, athletic/non-athletic, pretty/ugly, talented/not talented. You get the point. This is the beginning of our mental destruction.

We begin fighting every single day to live up to these standards, but not for ourselves. We will do anything to hold onto this identity. We take less risks, easier challenges and compete against inferior competition. It becomes an everyday fear to uphold how others view us otherwise we feel as if we have nothing.

Human beings are hardwired to act in alignment with our self-identity, always. You’ll never rise higher than your personal story.     

What is the story you are telling yourself? This is WHY I got into speaking and consulting for organizations and universities across the country. Every single person I have either spoken to or coached has a story that is limiting their level of AWESOME.

Whether is a C Level Executive, sales team, college athletic team or professional athlete most are not getting the results they desire, stressed out even depressed because of the story they’re telling themselves about who they are. Then comes the fear of becoming vulnerable because many times these are highly successful individuals, teams or organizations but first you have to confront and destroy your limiting beliefs.

The world is a mirror. And we get from life not what we want, but that which we are.

What is it that you want out of life? Are you choosing the route that’s fulfilling and lights your soul on fire or what you think will be the easy route? The one society has pointed you towards.

Most of these answers come with better questions. Better questions will give you better answers. Then comes application. Applying the activities, habits, rituals, clothes, friend groups, jobs, careers that is most fulfilling to you. And GUESS WHAT, you are going to get push back. You are going to get talked about. People will call you dumb, crazy, stupid or anything to try and keep you down on their level.

I still get this in my own life. In nearly every decision that I have made over the last 2 or 3 years. The irony behind all of this is that it is during these years I have had the most clarity and peace in my entire life. There are countless people that don’t understand my personal habits. Habit of rising at 3:20AM in the morning (most mornings, sometimes I slip up:) ) to experience a 46 minute meditation, then reading and if I have bigger projects I insert the time here to accomplish these.

I can go on and on about all the wild and insane decisions that I make in business, personal life, fitness and nutrition. The point is if everyone is doing something it’s probably not for me. I wanna be in that 1%-5%. I am finding and implementing all the habits of those people to build my own personal identity.

Start noticing your own daily habits and thoughts and begin taking inventory. Why are you doing what you’re doing. Is it because it’s what you want or the direction parents, society and peers push you towards. Do you wanna be a coach because you think it’ll be easy and you’ve played football all your life or because it’s your freakin passion? Do you want to be in sales because someone told you you would be good and it was the first available job?