Power of You

What would your life look like if you had everything you desired? How would you feel? What are the emotions that you would experience from the moment you woke up each morning until the time you went to sleep?

First, most of us have not taken the time to sit down and design the life we want or the things we want to experience. We wake up every day living life by chance. We hope good things will happen to us and cross our fingers that we get lucky in certain situations.

So at the most basic level we have to first decide it is we want to achieve, feel and experience. The next problem we run into is while we want to feel healthy and not stressed, experience financial freedom and abundance and become joyful deeply ingrained within us we feel that we do not deserve it.

Maybe we feel guilty or have a fear of being judged but our gut begins to signal to our brain that those things are reserved for someone else, but maybe I can be either the first to tell you or the one who pushes you over the edge to believe that truly you can have anything you desire. And never have to feel guilty about any of it.

As my mentor told me you deserve to experience all the wonders and joys of life because “you exist.” It really is as simple as that! You never have to stop and wonder whether you are deserving of anything again.

We were created to live and experience life in a state of peace, love, joy and gratitude.

For years or even our entire lives we have been trained (consciously and unconsciously) due to environment, peers, family, school or society that we have to work ruthlessly to have what we want. That it’s a scary world filled with bad people and disease.

What we are not being taught is that if we turn the noise down there is an unlimited power within each every person to create all the experiences we want. We have been conditioned to believe that we live in a cause and effect world. That something must happen first (the cause) before we feel or experience a desired outcome (the effect). Yet in reality we are causing an effect.

That is one of the most marvelous wonders of the universe that we obtain an energy already within us to bring any outcome we want to experience. You do not have to wait on anyone, anything or any specific time. Your deepest desires are already waiting within the universe for you to connect with it.

Begin to connect today with your desires through your thoughts. Everything first begins with the thoughts that are entering and exiting your brain. This is why your internal/external environment are so crucial to successfully become a magnet of success, health, wealth and joy. Your external including things like the things you read, watch, listen to or people you hang around. Your internal environment can include the feelings you continue to experience each day like stress, worry, anxiety or comparison. Do you wake up feeling grateful and loving or stressed and dreading the day ahead.

After you begin to think better more desirable thoughts will lead to better experiences. With better knowledge (thoughts) you begin to feel better than you did before. Those feelings will drive greater experiences and we attach life’s experiences with emotions. And not to get to deep but we remember emotions better than knowledge.

With these elevated emotions we begin waking up and experiencing life on a completely different level. Wonderful things begin flowing to us at a greater frequency and this is when some start saying things are coincidence but I am here to tell you it’s not coincidence you manifested and created them! 

You have an energy built inside you than is supremely powerful if you will begin to tap into it. Never wait for anyone, anything or any time to begin attracting what it is you want. It’s already there so get it!