Philosophy: The Major Determining Factor of your Life

The basic and most fundamental determining factor of our life is our philosophy or the way we think and process ideas.  How you view the world, economy, marketplace, government, or your current circumstances will lead you to either growth or destruction.  Your personal philosophy is the sail that you have set, it determines whether you will go right or left at the fork in the road.  We first must analyze what current resources we have to become successful and not continue to tell ourselves the story of what we do not have.  Look at the available resources that you have and start to discover how you can turn this stuff in a lifestyle, dreams, future, possibilities, love, growth, or happiness.

teaserbox_894648503As with anything in life we can always refine certain aspects.  Refine your philosophy!  You cannot blame the only stuff that you have to work with. You do not change the stuff, you change your philosophy.  We continue to put off things in hopes that things will be better in the future.  This is the fastest way to destruction, bad habits, or delayed success.  Failure can be defined as a few errors in judgement repeated every day.  It is the small habits that we have created that hold us back from the success we desire and deserve. What typically happens are these habits compound and after 6 years we are stuck in the same spot waiting on the economy, banks, or marketplace to change.  As easy as it is to adopt a personal philosophy it is just as easy not to and this accumulates into disaster.  We must ask ourselves right now will the errors in my present philosophy cause disaster in the long run.  What will these errors cost me a year from now or even worse 6 years from now?

So what does success look like?  It can be defined as a few simple disciplines practiced every day.  These habits can be included in our personal life, health, business, sales, or management habits.  Typically where many mess up or never even begin practicing disciplines is due to their thought that they must be major changes, but just like those that do not succeed or reach their desired level of growth because of lack of small disciplines the same can be said for success.  The small discipline practices are the ones that create the most staggering changes in your life.  You must first be able to handle the simple disciplines because if you cannot handle the simple ones you will not be able to handle the complicated ones.

My challenge to you is to find the 3 or 4 disciplines that you must add into your schedule.  Write them down and put them in your daily routine to do every day.  It can be any time during the day and you might only start with 15 minutes a day and it can grow into something much larger.  Once you have decided on them and have a specific time for them write down why you must do them and how if you commit to them it will change your life.  Also write down if you do not do them what your life will look like and how it will affect you.