Living Vulnerable

Let’s cut right to the chase when it comes to emotions I have heard it all from people that I lack any kind of emotions, I am heartless, cold-hearted, unsympathetic or lack any kind of feelings. 

One of our professional athletes (meaning someone older) and I were having a very intellectual conversation and mentioned that I have such a strong demeanor that he was surprised that I was able to show my inner feelings.

Let’s Lay It All On The Line 

Last night I had a session with my mentor and we shared one of the deeper conversations we have ever had about “The Essence” of what we want out of life. Anyone that knows me, knows that one of the primary levers that drive my fulfillment is the ability to guide, mentor, advise and share knowledge and personal experience with young adults.

Then she hit me in the gut…”But what do you really want for them Ryan”

After back and forth or several minutes The Essence of what I want for the kids and athletes is more Joy! Deep within my soul I want them to wake up everyday and walk around living the most joyous vibrant life.

Why It’s So Meaningful 

Some of you have heard my backstory about my struggle when I was younger with confidence, identity and being shy. But I had an aha moment this week during a conversation with an athlete who was nervous about approaching one of their coaches after learning more about their backstory.

So the head scratching began. 

Was this how so many people felt about me? Am I unapproachable? Does my “strong demeanor” keep them from reaching out if they are in need?

One of the strongest ways for any two people to build rapport and build an unbreakable bond is the power of vulnerability. Especially in the coach to athlete bond.

I have had my share of massive successes and I have also seen some of the darkest moments that any person can experience. And The Essence of why living such a Joyful life for the kids that I coach and guide is for them to never have to experience that type of pain.

This can be pain from a sports experience like coming up short on the biggest stage or pain from a life experience like conforming to what society wants us to be. Teenagers and Pre-Teens are experiencing insecurity at an all time high! Insecurity leads to self-consciousness and when we begin living our life self-conscious we lose our spirit and our zest for life!

The good news is you do NOT have to change in a state of pain. We have been trained (brainwashed) by society that we change when the pain becomes unbearable. Because of this, many people are living years waiting to change until they have finally had enough. 

Instead you can decide to change and become someone more powerful, more confident and see yourself more valuable in a state of joy and inspiration.

It’s All About You

I will never share a story or personal experience with the idea to try and one up you. I won’t try and compare any off my struggles, my past pains or sufferings to yours. We all experience things on different emotional levels.

One thing that I can do is relate to you. I can open up an ear and exchange in conversation that will bring a smile to your face. I can bring energy to a room that will help walk taller and inspired.

I see way too many kids waking up every day dreading what’s ahead. Spending 8 hours at school miserable (yes there are things to excited about at school), spending between 1-5 hours per day at practice and never once cracking a smile.

It’s the greatest time to be alive and the majority are walking around like zombies. 

Let’s make a change. Let’s 10x our joy and energy to experience life’s greatest wonders.

If you ever thought I was unapproachable reach out and I’m more than willing to be the first to make myself vulnerable, to build a bond, and watch you live your life in a state of JOY!