Health, Fitness, and Performance

What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you hear the words health, fitness, or performance?  For most it might include losing weight, feeling good, active, or athletics.  These are all great ways to describe these terms but I believe they have a much deeper meaning.  They shape our lives every day and set us up for opportunities we never dreamed possible.  When I see these words I think of energy, confidence, breakthroughs, growth, self-esteem, and certainty!

Being active and athletic performance has been a part of my life since I was five years old, and have shaped me into the person I am today.  It can be life changing or life threatening in regards to health and athletic performance, and can set you and your loved ones up for life.  Either way it is a critical investment in yourself.  A simple 30-60 minutes of working out can improve every aspect of your life.  It can increase the intimacy in your relationship, improve wealth and lifestyle, increase physical state, create a positive mentality and attitude, and become more loving and spiritual.  How is this possible? How can something so simple improve my life drastically?

When we dedicate a small amount of time to working out each day not only are we getting the blood flowing and increasing our energy levels but endorphins are released that put us in a positive state.  We start to see and view things a little different.  A conversation with a co-worker that would have ticked us off is now brushed aside.  Instead of walking past people without speaking, we are now wishing everyone good morning/evening with a smile on our face.  You are now contributing a positive energy to all those around you!  If you have families, instead of coming home to laying on the couch.  You now want to play with you kids every night without feeling exhausted.  This love and affection between you and your kids increases your home life.  It keeps a tight bond with your family instead of a growing gap of familiarity.  Who does not want to look good for their spouse or partner?  Working out gives you the confidence in being more intimate.  With that confidence it allows you to walk with a different “swagger.”  When making a sale to a prospective client you walk in the room with more confidence, you speak with more confidence, and increase sales.  Who wants to purchase a product or service from someone that does not even believe in themselves?  If you do not have a belief in yourself chances are you most likely do not believe in your own product/service.  It is a compounding effect and if you make small changes in your life the changes can become geometric.

Here is my challenge for you.  Commit to a change of becoming active 3 hours/week for 60 days.  Write down exactly how you want to achieve your goal whether it is 30 minute sessions or three 1 hour sessions per week.  But commit yourself to it!  Take a leap of faith and I promise it will exponentially change your life!