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3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Stronger!

Spending all your time in the gym and watching millions of YouTube videos on strength training, but your not seeing the results you want? This is for you and your

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Are You Living Your Life

It’s so easy to ignore the important questions in life like “Is this who I am” or “Is this who I want to be?” I have come to notice that almost everyone only knows themselves at the surface level. I started studying and challenging people, including myself, why is it we chase after certain things in life and why do we only accomplish certain goals in life. The results were mind blowing!

Living Vulnerable

I have always heard how heartless, cold-hearted and emotionless people perceive me to be. I know one of the best ways to build an unbreakable bond and trust with a person is to show your own vulnerabilities. Let’s get vulnerable!

Philosophy: The Major Determining Factor of your Life

The basic and most fundamental determining factor of our life is our philosophy or the way we think and process ideas.  How you view the world, economy, marketplace, government, or

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Health, Fitness, and Performance

What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you hear the words health, fitness, or performance?  For most it might include losing weight, feeling good, active, or athletics. 

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