Are You Living Your Life

One of the hardest questions that we must answer in our lives is “Is this who I am” or “Is this who I really want to be?” At first glance, most of us would respond quickly with, “Of course I know who I am” “Or I am doing what I love”, but I have come to realize that nearly all of us know ourselves at a very surface level! That is unless you have spent time with someone that has helped you uncover some deep truths within yourself.

Why are you doing what you do? Could it be because you grew up making great grades in math and along the way family, friends and teachers told you, you would make a great engineer one day. Maybe your sport or career has always been within your comfort zone.

What is it that you REALLY want though? Where is your next desired destination. Where do you really see yourself? No seriously! If you could have complete and total abundance, health, wealth, peace, joy or success what would that look like for you?

I know what you just did. You imagined yourself at some dream destination, thought about what it would be like if your dream goal happened or maybe if life just wasn’t so stressful!

Then your very next thought was something like “But that’ll never happen” “I’m not smart enough” or “I don’t have enough money”.

Trust Me I Understand

Let me be the first to share that I used to be the same way. I have lived so much of my life with an unbelievable amount of limiting beliefs. Even crazier to think that I had no idea I had so many beliefs that were putting an artificial ceiling on my life. I was literally waiting for happiness to come and then I would feel happy. I was waiting for money to come to feel wealth. I was waiting for success to feel successful.

My journey began a couple of years ago with a mentor that has flipped my entire life upside down when she pointed out that I was living life backwards and life has never been the same since.

We are born with complete abundance already. We have the power to literally create any experience or feelings we desire. Yet, most of us fail to have those experiences because deep within us we do not 100% believe with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that we can have what we desire.

I had to learn to feel successful to magnetize success back towards me. I had to feel wealthy before I attracted real wealth. I had to feel happy before my days were filled with happiness.

And I don’t mean casually sitting or walking around saying emotionless in my head “You’re happy Ryan”. I mean I had to LIVE IT. I had to change the way I walked, the way I talked with people, my tone of voice, the way I sat, my interactions with people, the way I kept up my health had to change, I had to dress different. The list goes on. 

The same type of changes had to happen for wealth to flow towards me. I viewed money completely different. Things I desired were never expensive again. I stopped living in lack and walked, talked, ate, and dressed in wealth.

Where To Start

First, you have to be extremely clear with the universe about what it is that you want. Where is your next destination? And make sure it is something that ignites your soul on fire. For me, I know I am on the right path when I think about my desires throughout the day and I get chill bumps on my body.

When you have YOUR desires set in place. Remove all distractions. That means remove those thoughts, words or feelings that will stand between you and your desires. 

For example, do not say “I want a mansion on the beach with no debt” 

Instead make it powerful “I want a castle on the beach, where I can open the curtains to see the sun rising above the ocean. A place when I open the door I can feel the cool breeze over my skin and I can smell the salt in the air, I can hear the boats taking off from the dock and feel complete abundance”

Read it again. Can you feel the difference. Really FEEL the difference in what you want.

Lastly and just as crucial as anything else. My mentor broke it down to me simple. Your thoughts and words are what are “Projecting” your desires. Your feelings and beliefs is the “Magnet” that draws those desires back to you.

They must be in alignment!

You can not think wealth and feel lack. You can not say you want success and believe you’re unworthy.

Begin to take notice of your own thoughts and words then see if they match your core beliefs and feelings.

Master this and master your life.

Align your thoughts and feelings!