ctp-7“Our son has been attending The Warehouse since August 2015. We cannot speak highly enough about the staff and environment. The growth in our sons conditioning, coordination, and most importantly self-confidence has been dramatic. We have been able to see his growth in team sports and at school. Mike and Ryan are exceptional at approaching each child on an individual basis. Our son considers his coaches two very good friends, and for that we are grateful. If you are interested in improving your child’s fundamentals, conditioning, and overall confidence then we would recommend The Warehouse.”
Brandon and Katie Thompson

“The Warehouse Performance Institute has truly been a blessing for AhmariJ. He was given gifts to be able to excel in sports. By placing our son in their hands I know they will groom him to be the best on and off the field. Not only are they trainers they are life coaches. There is nothing AhmariJ can’t come to these young men to talk about. It’s one thing to tell someone they can do something but it is another to see your trainer working as hard as you. So if you are really looking to give your child an advantage this is the place for you.”

“I had the opportunity to work with Mike McCoy during his career at Alabama.  I have worked with thousands of athletes throughout my coaching tenure, and Mike’s relentless sacrifice, discipline, and work ethic is second to none.  If you want to compete at the highest level of your sport, I have no doubt in my mind that Mike will push and enable you to perform at your highest level.  More is required than just physical attributes to achieve your goals, but just as important are the mental and intangible aspects.  Mike will help you to become the most physically prepared athlete every season in any sport, and help you develop the mental toughness and discipline that will also benefit you a lifetime beyond your days on the field.”
Scott Cochran, Director of Strength & Conditioning, Alabama Crimson Tide

“The Warehouse Performance Institute is where you need to come if you care about achieving your wrestling goals in and beyond the Alabama state tournament. It reminds me of the club I trained at in Pennsylvania, and wrestling is a sport you have to put the extra work into to reach your goals. If you care about developing and improving your skills so that you could possibly earn a college scholarship, the WPI is the place to be. Ryan truly cares about your personal improvement and will push you to become better at your sport and the best athlete you can be. Put the time in and develop your technique! I also trained with Mike during my time in Birmingham, and he is as dedicated to improving athletes in all aspects as Ryan. If football is your sport, go see Mike if you want to take it to the next level. Next time I’m in Birmingham I’ll definitely be back at the Warehouse!”
Matt Ryan
2x NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships Qualifier 
2012 Eastern Wrestling League Champion 
2011 Eastern Wrestling League Bronze Medalist