About Us

ctp-3The Warehouse Performance Institute is about helping people change their lives for a brighter future. WPI is an elite total fitness training center founded in 2012 by former NCAA Division 1 college sports athletes Ryan Romano and Mike McCoy. WPI delivers the best in athletic coaching through personalized training, ongoing research, industry conferences and staying closely connected to NCAA college coaches so we know what they’re looking for.

In a world where our youth is starved for meaningful and positive face-to face interactions and activities, we are dedicated to providing a personal and empowering approach to fitness and sports training. We are about something greater than just sports at The Warehouse Performance Institute. We are about pushing hearts, minds, souls, and bodies beyond the limits they once thought were insurmountable. We work to produce not just top athletes, but exemplary students, teammates, professionals, leaders, spouses, parents, and members of the community.

We are passionate about building a foundation for success. We foster a positive results-focused team environment which encourages athletes to be their best. We coach everyone to help them build both physical and mental stamina, while achieving their maximum potential both on and off the field. More importantly we are creating a platform for their future success in life through athletic, academic, and work skills.

The Warehouse Performance Institute is the creator of the “3 steps to excellence” training program. Those steps include elite, exceptional and exclusive. Our proven “Balances Formula” training method optimizes results and gives athletes an exceptional competitive edge and develops a winner’s mindset. Some of our core program elements include:

  • Understanding essential fitness principles
  • Maintaining academic performance
  • Developing successful lifestyle habits
  • Maintaining a productive work ethic
  • Setting and achieving goals

Starting from these values WPI works with athletes at all levels-from 6 years old up to the pros. Whatever an athlete’s goals are, we have the experience to get them there, and the passion to make a profound difference in his or her life.