3 Pillars of Wellness

Many times when we think about our own personal wellness we only consider physical wellness. We think about our bodies and if we are being physically active enough and what type of foods we are putting into our bodies. While physical wellness is one piece of the puzzle, it is definitely not the whole story.  This is why as a country we are struggling with so many other issues like stress, anxiety, depression, adaptability, joy, and inner peace.

If we begin to broaden our horizons and look into other areas of our personal wellness we can reach a level of fulfillment never seen before.

The 3 pillars of wellness include:

#1 Emotional Wellness

We are all dealing with stressors being thrown at us everyday and our ability to handle those stressors determines our emotional stability. We all go through difficult times in our lives and experience change whether its at home or work, but how well we react to these situations determines if our emotional wellness is increasing or decreasing.  We must practice becoming adaptable to your relationships, normal life activities and your job. One of the easiest ways to do this is to learn to take time during each day and be mindful of the good deeds you have done, reviewing your meaning and purpose, and grateful for those meaningful relationships with friends and family. Also something you can start practicing now is the ability to forgive yourself!  One of the quickest ways to reduce stress is understanding that we all make mistakes. The most successful people have made the most mistakes, the most successful salesman has heard the most “No’s”. Do not dwell. Adapt and adjust!

#2 Mental Wellness

Everyone wants to feel a certain level of joy and happiness. Many of us crave to wake up in the morning and do something that ignites our souls on fire. Yet many of us struggle to wake up and feel this way. Often times it’s our own thoughts that are getting in the way.  What you focus on is what you are going to attract. So, we wake up in the morning and think how tired we are, all the tasks we have at work, the mortgage and upcoming bills, our poor relationships either at work or home and this becomes a routine and we live the rest of our lives on autopilot.  To increase our mental wellness we must first start becoming more mindful. Stop living life on autopilot and learn to be present in every situation. Find the opportunity and show gratitude during your life and you will begin to see more of those situations appear more frequently. When you are at home with your kids or spouse be in the moment with them.  Do not fret over work or the bills. Also show yourself some compassion. It is impossible to hate yourself and live a good life. As you begin to self-criticize it leads to anxiety, stress, and depression. Take control of your inner critic and remind yourself how awesome you are!

#3 Physical Wellness

Over the last decade obesity rates continue to rise across the country in adults. The rise in obesity rates are also directly linked to causing many of sicknesses and illnesses including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.  Even with these threats the majority of people will not find time to exercise. Also because of convenience we are putting foods with no value into our bodies. We must take control of our own bodies. The greatest part is that when you begin to exercise more and fuel your body with good nutrients it spills over into your emotional and mental wellness. At minimum we should be getting moderate exercise 25 minutes everyday and 40 minutes of resistance training twice per week. Two of the biggest hacks for your nutrition are 1.) shop only on the outside of the grocery store. If pick up any item at the store and look at the ingredients and can not even pronounce half the things listed that is your first sign to put it back. 2.) Add vegetables to every meal. Most of us are not getting enough veggies and this has a psychological effect.  As you eat more veggies, you begin to feel the difference. So it helps deter you from eating junk food. Fuel your body to generate energy!